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Drewsstation.Com All customers come first AlakeSales LLc. Where everyone is important
We are here for all of our customers we put them first. We work on providing the best customer service that we can.If there is a problem please let us know we wil do everything to fix it.If we can not fix the problem we will refund the total but ship..

Hi We are here for all of our buyer(s) we do not want to see anyone unhappy all with anything they buy. We have been around for 8 years we started out with one store in are local area called alakesales llc. We are now using our own  store site where we can provided great products that are new used refurbished.Items that we buy that are used come from local sellers, any item that is new we have gotten from a disturber, all refurbished items are sent to  company's that fix them to work like new. We back all of our items.  If there is a problem please let us know we will try to fix it. All order(s) with defects must be shipped back right away so we can test them to make sure what the problem is if we. Can not fix it we will refund all but the return shipping. We like to know what problem's buyer are having so no one get's a bad product At all ever we are trying to ship world wide but right now we will only be shipping to a few country's out of the USA. If we are not able to ship to you yet it will come soon we can not say yet but soon. Shipping  all shipping address please make sure when you make your order you double check you address any order that is returned to us .We will contact the buyer right away if we do not hear from the buyer with in 7 business days the item will go back up for sale. We will personally refund all of our buyers money with no problem, if you are not happy with your order please send it back we will take care of our buyer's.