Inuyasha: Secret of the New Moon used

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Just as Hojo asks Kagome for their first date, she has to leave to continue her mission in the Warring States period. With Inu-Yasha and fox-spirit Shippo, she battles demons that recall the spider-monsters in many Kabuki plays. Between battles, Inu-Yasha seems to admit an unexpected affection for Kagome, an admission linked to his demonic powers fading during the dark of the moon. In the multi-part adventure that begins with "Kikyo's Stolen Ashes," the filmmakers presenting conflicting versions of the relationship between Kikyo and Inu-Yasha, Rashomon-style. Did Inu-Yasha love Kikyo and seek the power of the Sacred Jewel to become fully human and live with her? And, more importantly, who betrayed whom, leading to the battle that left Inu-Yasha pinned to a tree by Kikyo's arrow? These intriguing plot twists typify Takahashi's sophisticated story-telling. (Unrated: suitable for ages 13 and older: violence, grotesque imagery, brief nudity) --Charles Solomon


(No reviews yet) Write a Review